MSTC 2019 Winter Deal

Now is the time provide training for your children’s ministries team. It is important to prepare for newcomers and to be inviting to families. The Minor Safety Training Online course is a great tool to get training to each volunteer. It can be accessed on any device, at any time. Each course student creates their unique user name and can work on their course when it is convenient for their schedule instead of in one long sitting.

To take advantage of this MSTC 2018 Fall Deal register online.

 MSTC 2019 Winter Deal

1 Student Course Fee = $25.00

4 Student Course Fees - $75.00

Large Group Fee - 12 Student Course Fees $210.00

Online Registration

NCN Minor Safety Training for any volunteer that works with minors. 

Visit the website and then take the course!  This program is reliable groundwork for safety.

Also, consider every volunteer in your church taking this course.  This program will strengthen your team and aid in providing a safe program for your children.

Every volunteer and staff person at church should take this course.

Curriculum Library

The NCN Children's Ministries Department has a lending library.  

Download this form to request curriculum.  

                                                              Follow this link to the list of curriculum available.

Training Opportunities

TRAVELING TRAINING - customized training that travels to your location. Choose from 13 topics and build a unique event for your team

CMTV - NCNkids YouTube Channel - short episodes of training tips for Children's Ministries

Missions Awareness

Go into all the world!!

BGMC - The Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge is the Assembly of God curriculum and program for children to learn about Missions.

The NCN Kids Department has various resources available.  Also, if you are having a special missions event we can come and present a BGMC presentation to your church and/or children.

Check out the NCNkids website for Missions Awareness

Check out the National BGMC website for missions awareness.

Utilize this tool to evaluate or start a new children’s ministries. Taking a look at your ministry can help discover strengths and weakness, as well as other areas that you have not considered but are in the responsibility of Children’s Ministry.