Cultivate the Call: growing a new generation of leader.


Cultivate the Call is our district’s effort to equip every local church with the tools that they need to identify and equip young people for ministry. If you have students who are called to ministry, this program is for you.

We believe that God is calling thousands of young people into ministry. We need to facilitate that calling—to identify these young ministers and start to invest in their lives to develop them into powerful Christian leaders.

There are four parts to Cultivate the Call


Online encouragement and training

CTC provides a website with numerous short (5-7 minute) videos on Bible, Ministry, and Spiritual Formation topics. These are designed to encourage and help equip young people for their future ministry. Anyone can view these videos, however students that have logged into the site will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions on each video.

Mentoring with a local mentor

We encourage each teenager to seek mentoring from an ordained minister. Typically this will be their local pastor or youth pastor. There are several Mentor Training videos on the CTC site as well, to help you sharpen your mentoring skills.

District relationship and endorsement

Students that sign up with Cultivate the Call may be eligible to receive a “Ministry Associate Commission.” The MAC is a “teen credential” that authorizes them to perform certain ministry, under the supervision of their mentor. CTC and MAC students will also be invited to participate in occasional opportunities to engage with the District Leadership.

Ministry Education Scholarship

The District has established a scholarship program to assist young people (under the age of 25) in their ministerial education. (The funds for this program is provided by the elderly ministers, as a way to extend their legacy!)