Every spring, our Annual Projects are unveiled on Women’s Ministries Day during the NCN District Council. Throughout the year, women creatively raise funds for these projects and donate their resources by April 1st of the following year. Over $100,000 is raised each year to help these important ministries throughout the world.


Annual Project recipients are chosen from three categories:

World Missions

Church Planting 

Investing In Today’s Generation


This year’s recipients are...


Northwest University: Sacramento Campus



Each year, the women of our District are challenged to donate Bring-Along Project items to the WM Day at District Council and the Sweet Life Conference. These items are practical donations to help those in need locally and overseas.


This is a place where missionaries can come shop for household needs they may have. Everything inside is new and purchased by women from around the district. Call the office anytime to schedule a tour.


Giving opportunities at district events allow women to help missionaries with emergency needs.


Three or four times a year, each section in the District invites women to a Missionary Celebration. These events provide a fun time for women to grow spiritually and raise finances for Assemblies of God missionaries’ household budget.