Connecting with our District Churches

Our District currently oversees 135+ churches that are District Affiliated. We have a goal for each and every DA church to become a viable, healthy and self governing Assembly. Many of our churches are in remote locations and our connectivity is limited. Here are a few ways we can stay in touch. 

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Let us know what's happening!

We ask that each of our District Affiliated Churches fill out the questionnaire below once a month. It’s important that we know how the ministry is going. We’d also like an opportunity to celebrate in your wins and pray with you (or assist you) in areas of struggle.

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Conference Call

A weekly prayer conference call with Pastors across the District. 

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Connect with Dr. Sam Huddleston

"Pastor, I look forward to connecting with you so I can know how to best serve you." 

Each week Dr. Huddleston hosts a prayer conference call every Sunday morning at 7am. The call lasts 10 minutes and only includes prayer . . . no small talk or announcements. We know Sunday's are "Game Day" and we want to make sure you get a chance to join together with other pastors so you are encouraged and uplifted before kick-off.

To join the call . . . 

Dial: 646-632-1000

Enter code: 5026657769


Do you need to connect with Dr. Samuel personally? Feel free to schedule a phone call, Skype, Zoom, Face Time meeting or come to his office for an in-person old fashioned connection. You can request what type of appointment you would like by clicking the link below.