The NCN District is enriched by close to 100 ethnic or second-language churches. 

They include the Fijian, Filipino, Samoan, Slavic, and Tongan Fellowships, (each with several churches) and individual churches from the following language or national groups: African, Arabic, Armenian, Brazilian, Burmese, Chinese, Deaf, East Indian, Greek, Hispanic, Indo-Fijian, Iranian, Japanese, Korean, Native American, Portuguese, Romanian, and Vietnamese.

The basic goal of Intercultural Ministries is to help connect across cultures, by improving communication, developing relationships, and promoting unity between the churches and diverse peoples of our District.  Jesus said that they would know we are Christians by our love for one another, but we cannot love someone we do not know.

Intercultural Ministries seek to raise awareness of and appreciation for the distinct cultures in our District as we work together to reach all ethnicities and language groups with the Gospel of Christ.

A third purpose of IM is to assist intercultural churches with understanding, educating, and implementing A/G & NCN policies and CA & U.S. laws, and to help them develop healthy churches in an American culture.

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