NCN Womenʼs Ministries exists to train and equip women with all they need to thrive in their life and pursuit of God. Some of the resources we offer the local church include:

Resource Library

We have a Resource Library with materials you may check out for womenʼs Bible studies at your local church.

> FAQs:

Who can check out a Bible study?

The Bible studies are available to the Assemblies of God churches in the NCN district as a resource for their women’s ministry. We don’t loan them out for individual use.

How much does it cost to borrow a study?

All we require is the cost of shipping the study back to the DRC or to the next church on the waitlist for the study.

How long can I keep the Bible study?

The length of the Bible study varies from study to study. We also take into account holidays, breaks, and other factors that might delay a group from meeting. If nobody is on the waitlist for the study, you’re welcome to hold on to it until the ladies are able to complete it. If someone else requests the study, our office will contact you to secure a reasonable date to pass the study on to the next group. We ask everyone to be prompt in returning or sharing the study so all the ladies can benefit together.

What if I don’t see the Bible study we’d like to use on the list?

We often expand our library on request. Please e-mail to inquire about any study you don’t see listed. We want to hear your feedback on resources you think would be beneficial for our department to offer.

Can I reserve a study for a certain date or request the office pre-orders a study that is coming out soon?

Yes. However, much can depend on the study’s current availability.

What if I receive a damaged/incomplete study? Or damage or loss occurs while the study is in my care?

Please contact our office with this information. We will arrange to have the study replaced or the books donated if possible.


A comprehensive listing of both nationally and district approved speakers for your next women’s event.

Contact our office at for the Speaker List.